OSS standard

Company :
Georgsmarienhütte group of companies
raw material supplier
Georgsmarienhutte, Germany

Personalized access and access rights on a single smart card with Standard Offline / OSS Association Key ID

  • Flexible combinability of systems from different suppliers
  • ID card both for controlling the barrier access for employees’ private vehicles on the company premises and for personal access for employees to the company premises. Ensuring a high data throughput to avoid traffic jams at the beginning and end of work
  • Consideration of different security levels: General card for company-internal plant security and differentiated authorization levels for management, department heads and other employees. Coding of the personalized ID card with access data for specific company areas
  • Scalability of the cards to enable the integration of further expansion stages, e.g. canteen payment system for cashless payment or access to certain machines, forklifts and other vehicles
  • Combination of different systems and individualized access rights on one ID card

Individual access rights through the integration of different components using a single smart card

With a combination of UHF and RFID systems on a single ID card, a reliable, smooth and cost-saving solution has been found. An outdated access control system and costly parking permits could be replaced. The compatibility of the systems allows a free choice of different providers and the combination of other components. The canteen payment system and special areas with high security requirements have already been integrated. Additional functions such as access to specific machines, vehicles, laptops or printers are planned. The ID card with your own passport photo created a strong bond between the employees and the company.