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Standards promote trade and serve rationalization, quality assurance, protection of society, security and understanding. Economic growth is influenced more by standards than by patents or licences.
Standardization is a strategic tool in competition. Companies that participate in the creation of the specification achieve advantages through their knowledge and time advantage. This allows you to reduce research risks and development costs. By applying standards, costs, e.g. B. in tenders, can be significantly reduced.

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The advantages

The standard is being further developed by the companies involved and is always state-of-the-art. The active cooperation of the companies is guaranteed by the membership in the OSS-Association eV. The “Standard Offline” certificate helps a company to improve its image. It can position itself as a sustainable company.

The standard enables vendor independence. A change and / or an extension to other systems is made easy. In this way, products from different providers can be integrated into an overall solution.

The standard enables a high level of interoperability of products and flexibility in implementation. Proprietary solutions can thus be avoided. An expansion of the functions and systems is made possible.

Different security levels, which are mapped in companies for different employees and must be observed for the different accesses, are integrated and summarized on a card.

Open architectures and uniform communication standards offer the manufacturer greater flexibility in the integration of other systems. The customer can choose the best and cheapest offer on the market. Upgrades to new features are inexpensive. Integrated security solutions offer reduced administration effort and thus optimized cost efficiency.

For manufacturers , standards offer the possibility of good comparability in the case of tenders and thus a strong market advantage.


best practices


Secure protection of various buildings and sensitive customer data


Central administration and monitoring of the access control of the headquarters and the nationwide branches for employees and customers – read more!

Fraport AG

Ensuring high safety standards


Integration of components from different providers with Standard Offline of the OSS Association – more on that!


Personalized access and access rights


Smartcard with Standard Offline / Key ID of the OSS Association – learn more!


Fulfillment of access control requirements in hospitals

Standard Offline by OSS

Simple and easy Aperio door upgrade with OSS Standard Offline – learn more!


Access rights via smartphone and/or card


Integration of the existing student ID cards and employee cards – more on that!


Furniture locks with central access control system


Furniture locking system can be seamlessly integrated into the access control or other third party system via interfaces and many other options – read more!

The Association

“By industry – for industry” – following this slogan, the non-profit OSS-Association e.V. (Open Security Standards Association) has established standardised protocols for the security market. The affiliated companies jointly develop components and coding of safety-relevant hardware and software. This leads to better compatibility, independence from manufacturers of different brands and higher security of access controls.

The OSS Association (Open Security Standards Association) is a non-profit organization. It is an open industry forum for the promotion and development of global standards for access control systems. The work within the OSS Association is carried out by and through its members in various committees and working groups.


Frederik Hamburg, Access, Chairman
Sascha Schüler, DataSec, Deputy Chairman
Thomas Blum, Deister, Deputy Chairman

E-Mailadresse (für alle drei): e.board[at]oss-association.com

The members

  full member  Contributing Member  Associate Member

Why become a member?

Any form of membership is most welcome in order to advance the activities in the OSS Association eV (Open Security Standards Association) and to support this initiative. The achievement of the association’s goals is decisively promoted by the active cooperation of its members – but also by the commitment of the largest possible number of market players to this initiative, in the form of membership.

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