Standard Offline by OSS

Company :
banking and insurance services
Brussels Belgium
Access control system::
smart card
Construction year:

Personalized access and access rights on a single smart card with Standard Offline / OSS Association Key ID

  • Central administration and monitoring of the access control of the headquarters and the nationwide branches for employees and customers
  • Secure protection of various buildings and sensitive customer data
  • Replacement of an aging security system
  • Integration of visitor management and building management
  • Flexibility and openness of the system for future challenges
  • A reliable and adaptable overall solution that centrally regulates access to different branches and integrates other systems

OSS and AEOS offer flexible and future-oriented security.

With OSS and the AEOS access system, a web-based solution was created that works efficiently and effectively via different channels and integrates various systems such as wireless locks and biometric recognition systems. In total, there are currently more than ten products from different providers.

The system offers flexible solutions to the new challenges of the current pandemic.

The system is maintained by a network of certified and trusted partners.