OSS standard

Company :
Maria Middelares Hospital
Ghent, Belgium
Access control system:
Nedap AEOS
OSS standard components:
Approx. 600 doors secured with battery-operated Aperio Offline fittings
Construction year:

Simple and straightforward Aperio door upgrade with OSS Standard Offline:

Open standards are key to effective integration, like here at Maria Middelares.

  • Reliable security designed to ensure the safety of staff, patients and visitors, as well as sensitive information, medical supplies and valuable equipment – while maintaining the site as a welcoming place
  • Seamless integration with Nedap’s security management solution AEOS, allowing facility managers to monitor the entire premises from a single, integrated platform
  • Access control that would allow staff to monitor security in real time
  • An easy-to-use, card-based solution that employees could use as an alternative to old-fashioned, cumbersome mechanical keys
  • The ability to customize smart card access rights for each individual site user
  • Economical in installation and in day-to-day operation

Fulfillment of access control requirements in hospitals

Protection of patients and their private data with integrated security management from Aperio and Nedap

In cooperation with Nedap, around 600 doors in the first new hospital building have been fitted with battery-powered Aperio Offline escutcheons, connected to the software-controlled AEOS security management system. Staff at Maria Middelares Hospital now carry a single, easy-to-use smart card to open doors and access other secure areas in the new building, which opened in 2014. The chip cards use a standard RFID technology, MIFARE®.