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The ZK3000 software was specially developed for securing medium to very large objects.

By using the most modern Windows development platform, it can be operated intuitively. The software optimally supports the various user groups in their work through sophisticated dialogues. In order to meet the increasing demands for data security, a unique concept for restricting access to the data was implemented in the ZK3000. This makes it possible for different users to only access the data that they really need for their work. This complex functionality can also be configured with just a few mouse clicks.
The use of the software is ideal for large systems with branches, e.g. banks. The associated door controls and readers can be managed across locations and the devices can be configured in advance at a central location and activated after installation. Installation time and serial numbers of the devices can be maintained and evaluated directly in the system.

Door controllers and ID card readers to be connected are not tied to a specific manufacturer, so existing ones can largely be integrated. Different ID card technologies can also be mixed. Migration support for data transfer from existing systems also exists. The ZK3000 is basically prepared for customer-specific extensions and is equipped for all future requirements.

OSS Standard Offline compatibility questionairy for Management Software (MS)

Product name: ZK3000
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