Software-based security management platform

Nedap focuses on developing technological solutions that make day-to-day business easier. For this reason, we develop solutions that are based on the needs of the customer, instead of predefined systems.

This customer-centric approach led us to develop the first software-based security management platform – AEOS . This is the only fully integrated security management solution that combines access control, video management, locker management and intrusion detection into a single platform.

AEOS can adapt and grow with the growth and changes in an organization because the platform is based on open software and generic controllers. This makes AEOS more flexible, future-proof and easier to use than other security solutions.

World-renowned companies use the system more than 37 million times a day for their security and building management and to control the flow of people.

OSS Standard Offline compatibility questionairy for Management Software (MS)

Product Name: AEOS
Product version: v3.3.2
Manufacturer: Nedap Security Management





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