IntraKey technologies AG

IK C/3-access

The multifunctional smart card solutions from IntraKey

The modular, scalable and client-capable IK C/3-access software package is a powerful system for access control and identification of persons and vehicles, for the control of parking lots and elevators, for switching intrusion alarm systems and for the management of valuable depots.

Master data can be flexibly created, imported or automatically synchronized from third-party systems. Local and temporal access rights can be assigned flexibly and roll-based for online readers as well as for offline cylinders and fittings. Monitoring of doors and the recording of events provide data with extensive evaluation possibilities.

In addition to operating via the PC client or browser, the smartphone app provides an effective complement, e.g. for monitoring and maintenance functions. Of course with full encryption and no detours via third server.

Other integratable software modules:

  • Time recording
  • Service planning
  • Room allocation and event planning
  • Cabinet and lockers management
  • Fleet management
  • Cashless payment
  • Create employee badges
  • Visitor management

In conjunction with the IntraKey hardware components, integrated system solutions with up to 60,000 access control or time recording terminals or electronic cylinders and fittings, as well as up to 200,000 master data can be realized. Also various interfaces, e.g. for SAP, HIS, LDAP, KNX are available.