The OSS now offers online training courses so that our standards can be better disseminated and more easily understood by interested parties.
Not only producers but also end users need a technical understanding of the topics in the field of security.

The trainings for end users and sales people are currently given in German and in English and cost 150,- Euro per participant for members of the OSS and 250,- Euro per participant for non-members.

The seminars for developers cost a flat rate of 1,000 euros for members and a flat rate of 1,500 euros for non-members.

Please check the calendar to see which courses take place and when.

Online training Standard Offline

Service Content

1: How the OSS Standard Offline works

The content of the workshop includes:

  • Access control "Online vs. Offline
  • What is OSS Standard Offline
  • What are the benefits of OSS Standard Offline
  • How does OSS Standard Offline work?

2: System architecture

Part 1: Legic advant

  • Master token structure of the offline segment
  • Structure of the offline segment

Part 2: Mifare DESFire

  • Application Identifier (AID)
  • Keys for encryption and security settings
  • Structure of the application

Part 3:how to planMemory layout

  • Memory layout
  • Formation of lock groups
  • Time zones
  • Events & Blacklist
  • Logical site structure