Apply for a new membership

To check and apply for membership in the OSS-Association e.V. (Open Security Standards Association) the rules of the association can be downloaded here .

The statute provides information on the different levels of membership and attached to it opportunities for participation. It also mentions the membership fees, which depends on the level of membership.

For regular members three levels of membership are provided: "associate member", "contributing member" and "full member" are described with their different rights and benefits in the member rules. (see membership)

Request for registration

The request for registration can be downloaded here and scanned by e-mail  (e.board[at] to us or send by post to:

OSS-Association e.V.
In der Aue 41
14480 Potsdam

Of course, you can also apply for your admission as a member by e-mail (e.board[at]

Your application will be checked promptly and confirmed as a rule shortly by the Steering Committee.

Apply for your admission as a member by e-mail

Please send us an e-mail
with the following details:

  • Your name/company
  • Your e-mail address
  • Membership level
    ("Associate member", "Contributing member", "Full member")