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“By industry – for industry” – following this slogan, the non-profit OSS-Association e.V. (Open Security Standards Association) has established standardised protocols for the security market. The affiliated companies develop components and codes for security-relevant hardware and software. These components communicate with each other, the key card via the software with the database for authorizations, with door locks, access control and time recording systems.

This communication is based on standards laid down by OSS, thus ensuring compatibility and independence from other manufacturers of different brands and higher security.

In this special and first Media Talk, we would like to present the standards and the opportunities and advantages they provide as well as new developments from differing points of view.

From the manufacturer’s point of view: Open architectures and consistent communication standards offer the manufacturer greater leeway with the integration of other systems. The system is compatible not only with one but with many other components and can thus be integrated into a larger system world than a proprietary stand-alone solution. In a tender, the use of standards offers the possibility of integrating individual suppliers and offers thus a strong market advantage.

Two successful and renowned manufacturers of locking and access control systems on the market, ASSA ABLOY and Uhlmann and Zacher, will provide information and thought-provoking insights.

From the end customer’s point of view: The use of the standards, which are continuously being updated, offers a future-proof, independent, scalable and ultimately also cost-effective solution. The standard enables a high level of interoperability of products and flexibility in implementation. This way proprietary solutions are thus avoided, and premature obsolescence of individual systems become avoidable.

Extensions of functions and systems is much easier due to common standards. Common standards make extensions of functions and systems much easier. Different security levels, which have to be modelled in companies for different employees and complied with for the different types of access, can be integrated and combined on one smart card. Users of Standards by OSS report on processes and benefits.

18.10.2022: Start at 11 am


Frederik Hamburg, OSS Association e.V.
Importance of standards for the security industry – an overview of industry application and trends, Frederik Hamburg OSS Association.

Piet Van den Bossche, ASSA ABLOY
The use of standards from the manufacturer’s point of view

Hartmut Beckmann, Uhlmann and Zacher GmbH
Benefits and advantages of standards from a company perspective – Case Study

Followed by
Time for questions and discussion

Frederik Hamburg
Frederik Hamburg BCCE, MBA has held various management positions in companies in the security industry. Since 2005 he is the owner of the consulting company Zugang GmbH. As a co-founder of the OSS, he has also been chairman of the association since 2015 and is thus the face of the OSS.

Piet Van den Bossche
Business Development Manager at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions

Piet Van den Bossche has been with ASSA ABLOY for 21 years. First, he worked as a product manager for large industrial customers in the region. Piet Van den Bossche joined ASSA ABLOY’s access control division in 2008. For the past four years, he has been actively involved in the further development of EMEIA electronic access control.

Hartmut Beckmann
Sales Manager and Authorized Representative at Uhlmann & Zacher GmbH

Hartmut Beckmann is distinguished by 30 years of experience in the field of electronic access control. He graduated in information technology from the University of Applied Sciences in Hanover and has been working at Uhlmann & Zacher since 2010. As authorized representative for sales and marketing, his focus is on product management and international sales of electronic locking systems. Mr. Beckmann is responsible for the expansion of the sales success in Germany and abroad as well as the continuous development of the product portfolio at U&Z. He is also a member of the Steering Board of the OSS.

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