FATH Mechatronics GmbH

TANlock. Secure your critical infrastructure.

The TANlock is an intelligent electromechanical lock specially designed for technical cabinets such as server racks, control cabinets and cabinets, indoor and outdoor. Due to its modularity, TANlock can be adapted to individual needs, be it the exchangeable authentication modules, by an additional DIN half cylinder or by adapters for different cabinet manufacturers. Also by choosing between IP54 or IP65, TANlock can be configured for outdoor racks.

TANlock 1. the simple protection of your infrastructure.

So why TANlock 1? The name is self-explanatory: it is simply good at what it is designed for.

Via a three-color LED on the front, it displays 3 different states so you know immediately what exactly is happening on your lock. And all this, of course, while it can be opened securely with your choice of DIN 10/30 half cylinder or unlocked electronically as well. Remote opening and closing is also possible.

TANlock 1 is an electric lock for securing critical infrastructures and many other areas!

Security Drawer. Protect your safety-critical hardware.

The Security Drawer is a drawer for server cabinets based on the TANlock model. Like the TANlock, the TAMs (TANlock Authentication Modules) are interchangeable to enable the latest security standard. In this way, not only the server cabinet itself, but also the content can be effectively protected.