CES access control: Flexible and scalable

With AccessOne, you benefit from the perfect combination of conventional access control and intelligent mechatronic locking technology. Link the highest functionality with specific operational security applications and interfaces to many trades.

AccessOne access control system

  • Expandable to up to 200,000 locking media/ID cards, with up to 16,000 online readers and up to 100,000 offline locking devices.

Access control center AccessOne

  • The AccessOne software is compatible with all locking devices from manufacturers that support OSS 1.0 or OSS 1.1.
  • Expandable from the solution for small and medium-sized companies with a few doors and up to 200 employees to the full version for large companies with complex organizational and security requirements and up to 200,000 employees.
  • User-oriented, self-explanatory views
  • Time models, daily models, automatic holiday calculation
  • Access protection of the data via widely adjustable user profiles
  • Multi-level assignment of rights via authorizations and authorization profiles
  • Up to 2,000 authorizations and 2,000 authorization profiles
  • Simple configuration of access via pre-defined door models, for example turnstiles with entry and exit readers
  • Access with meter
  • Doors with sluice function accessible in both directions
  • Input with arming function of the EMA and much more
  • Recording of all data changes in the logbook
  • Expandable via many licensable extensions

    • up to 100 different clients
    • with integrated ID card generation
    • Visitor or contractor management via web application
    • Parking control and management
    • Time recording of coming and going times
  • Customized extensions are possible on request

OSS Standard Offline compatibility questionairy for Management Software (MS)

Product Name: AccessOne
Product version:
Manufacturer: CES / AccessTronic



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